Alcohol License

Today, after many hours of work and work related things, I went to the grocery store to pick up some food to have in the house for the next week or so. I normally do this on the weekend, but decided this weekend to instead go look at cars. (Just an aside, I found a car I want and will hopefully be able to get the ball rolling soon.)

So, I didn't grocery shop this weekend and had to do it today.

And then another aside, I have been noticing red doors marked MMI at the malls over the past month and have yet to ask what they are. Now on with the story.

So after shopping today I was on my way to my car and saw the doors again. I couldn't let it go, so I called a guy I work with and the doors and MMI were explained to me. They are the liquor store. (Pretty simple explanation, eh?) It was explained that I could go in and get an application for an alcohol license and that I could get some "EMERGENCY" alcohol for use between now and when I could legally get my alcohol license.

I asked for the application, explained that I had just moved here, and then asked for my "EMERGENCY" alcohol, at which point I was denied any alcohol and told that it was impossible to sell alcohol to anyone without a license. It isn't too big a problem because I can go to the bars in hotels and get something to drink.

I am filling out the application and will have my office sign off on it this week so that when I get my visa it will be ready.