So Far

Everything since I left Houston has been great. We took off on Saturday afternoon and the flight was great. The service wasn't anything to talk about, but we all had our own individual screens in the seat ahead of us. You could pick from about 150 movies. I watched a few, and listened to some music, but over all the flight went really quick.

Our hotel is great. Really nice place to be, plus there are a bunch of restaurants around, though we have only eaten at the Italian place and at the World Market last night.

The office that I work in is only 3 weeks old. They are officially opening it today. Mr. Deaton and certainly some other big wigs will be in today to commemorate this, though I doubt I will get to meet him.

All of the guys that work in this group out here seem to be truly good people, and as time goes on I hope to understand more about their business and how it needs to be managed. This is the first time many of them have met in person, so it has been nice to see everyone click with eachother and not really stay in the groups that they are used to.

I will update on the city later when I have really been around.