Mall of the Emirates

I was given some advice on going to the mall and that was, go early and get out my around noon.

So, that was my plan today and I basically followed the plan exactly. I went there and got a couple of things taken care of, like getting a set of clippers that I can plug in here without the fear of them taking my face off. I successfully found them and they are currently charging. I also took some time just to walk around and see what else was there. The mall is so big that in a couple of hours of walking, I didn't see everything.

The ski slope is at the mall and it is pretty incredible. You can stay at a hotel that overlooks the slopes, you can eat by the fire like at a normal ski slope. It is pretty cool.

I went and saw the movie Jumper, which was pretty good. The movie theater was really cool. Very similar to Aberdeen in that you have assigned seats, which I find awesome. I like being able to get there early and be able to pick a seat that I want and then take off for a while.

Cabs are really good here, but with a lack of named streets it is sort of hard to get around. So I got turned around a bit on the way back.