A Long Way From Home

Tomorrow I begin a trip that will take me a long way from home, though that isn't completely accurate. Home implies that I have a place where I store my belongings and live, I have a place to store my belongings, but nowhere to live. I have been staying with my brother and his family for a week.

I head to the airport tomorrow around 11 am and then fly to Houston at 1 pm. At that point I have a 4 and a half layover in Houston where I will hang out, eat my final meal inside the United States and have a few beers. At 6.30 pm I start to fly to Dubai on a direct, non-stop flight. The flight lands at 7.30 pm, Dubai time, on Sunday night. Though there is a 24 hour time difference, the flight time is only around 15.5 hours.

I hope to update as frequently as possible and call people when I can.