Macworld should probe to be interesting. I don’t say that because of any specific product they might release, though I think there are a few that they will release that are cool. I have come to find that the Macworld Keynote is fun and entertaining. Regardless of the products that are released I am drawn to them for entertainment. The updates on iTunes and iPods are always interesting. There always seem to be predictions that are floating about for a week or so prior to the Keynote. Some are absurd, some are plausible, and some are down right stupid, but they are always fun. Someone should start a Macworld Keynote pool. Take all the predictions that are made and put them into a chart and let people buy squares for a couple dollars each, then you could also have a pool for what order they would come out in and what the … On last thing … would be. By my calculation, assuming 10 dollars per box, the winner could take home up to 300 or so dollars. That would be if there were 5 predicted products being announced (ie upgraded macbooks, Mac Minis, Mac Pros, Macbook Pros … )

I think it could be fun.