Sometimes Technology is Great

As a follow up to my technology sucks sometimes post, this is my sometimes technology is great post. I did some prep work backing everything up prior to receiving my new hard drive so that in the case of catastrophic pailure, I would have all my data. As it turned out, it was totally not needed. I put my new hard drive in the case and transfered the data using Super Duper. It took a little over an hour to do.

After that it was just a matter of pulling the old hard drive out and putting the new hard drive in. Everything booted perfect. There are no problems, but I am keeping the old hard drive with all the data on it for now and I think I will regularly back up to my old external hard drive.

In addition to more space on my hard drive, I have gained three other things. The first is that I have noticed is that the hard drive is more quiet than the apple hard drive. It is not significantly more quiet, nor was the old hard drive loud. But I have notice ethat there is less noise when I boot or even wake it up.

The second is that it deficately doesn't run as hot. Again this is a slight change, but noticeable none the less.

Finally, My batter life has gone up by about 30 minutes on normal usage.

The downside I see to running the hard drive within the computer vs using the external is that the use of itunes uses more battery now. When I would play movies in itunes now, the battery drains a lot quicker than it used to.

Hopefully every time I write technology sucks sometimes, I can follow it up with something this positive.