Technology Sucks Sometimes

I have figured out that the only way I can fix the issues I have with iTunes is to upgrade the hard drive in my computer. I have been having some serious issues with my library being on an external hard drive for quite some time.

It was pretty bad when I had to connect the damn thing to my computer any time that I wanted to listen to music. So when the Airport Extreme was released and had the option of connecting a Hard Drive to it and being able to use it in a wireless fashion was a great sounding solution. It was a perfect idea in theory and worked ok for a while. But as of late I am having intermittent problems with it, culminating in complete lack of being able to access my music over the network today.

To remove these issues, I am going to find the largest hard drive I can that I can put inside my computer to have my library anytime I want from my computer, using the external hard drive for back ups and large documents that I want to store, but don't necessarily want on my computer.

I think I will use this tag semi-regularly with the same title for every post in which I tell my readers why technology sucks sometimes.