Sports I Like and Don't Get to Watch

I have only seen a couple of NHL games this year, but they have all been Avalanche games. Once against the Red Wings, and against the Stars are the two that I remember. I have really missed being able to watch hockey, so I hope that by next season they have secured a television contract with ESPN or some other network that I get. If my understanding of the playoffs is correct, the Avs need to win atleast 3 more games than the Flames win to make it.

In the absence of NHL I decided to go watch the Odessa Jackalobes play. It was worth while and fun. I really liked being able to watch hockey.

I have been following the Mammoth too. There are 5 games left in the season and they have already guaranteed themselves a spot in the playoffs and have only lost one of 11 games so far. I am really excited to see them repeat last season and bring home another championship this year.