I Am An Apple Fanboy

The story of my mac.
In 2005, I decided I wanted a laptop. I was tired of being tethered to a monitor. After looking, not terribly long, I decided on an Apple. I went an looked at them a couple of times, though I didn't commit right away. The price was pretty steep. I couldn't settle for the iBook, it didn't have all the cool little features that the powerbook had, like an upgraded graphics card that made widgets look cool when you put them on the desktop. I also didn't really jump in either, I used my windows machine for almost 6 months before I gave it up and went to using the mac for everything. Aging 2 years and 2 months old the computer still works like it is brand new.

Then about a month ago for almost no particular reason I decided that I wanted to buy a new computer. There isn't really anything wrong with my computer, less a few blemishes here and there, and a loose key due to my own stupidity. The main reason for my decision is that long ago I ran out of room on the internal hard drive for my music. I remedied the situation by purchasing an external hard drive that was big enough to do anything with.

The only problem with this is that anytime I want to sync my iPod, I have to connect the external hard drive, which I have decided is a pain in my ass.

I am justifying the new purchase by telling myself that I need more room on the internal hard disk, I will sell my powerbook, and that I have never had a computer last so long. I would have spent more in this time frame on windows computers.

The story of my ipods.
I bought my very first iPod in 2005 when I was living in downtown Denver after getting frustrated with switching CDs in and out of my car. The problem there was that I lived 4 blocks away from where I parked, so if I forgot I had to walk eight blocks to remedy the problem. One day I decided that I had enough of walking back and forth for music, and I got in my car, drove to the apple store and bought a black and white iPod. I used it when I ran, I used it in the car, I even hooked it up at the house and used it even though I could have easily used my computer. A few months later they introduced the color iPod that you could view pictures on and though it was cool, I put off purchasing one. I figured I didn't really need it.

I started running frequently and purchased a 1gb iPod shuffle for that, which I still have and use to this day. Now I use it for a flash drive and a music player, then I just used it for music.

I was living with mark when I bought my color iPod. I traded in my black and white one and received a 10% discount on my new mp3 player. Days later they introduced the 5th generation with video iPod. I quickly listed my color iPod on ebay and a day later sold it for almost the price I paid for it. Prior to receiving the money for the used iPod and transferring ownership I bought my video iPod, which I still have and use, though pretty infrequently.

Other Apple products.
The only other Apple product I own is an Airport Express. It has served me well and I still think it was worth the price. I have considered getting the new Airport base station for its wireless external hard drive access, and I have also considered getting an iPod nano (totally unjustifiable).