Day 6 3:00 - 4:00

I wanted to call this post, "Why Can't Fox Show Two Hours of 24 Every Week Like They Did With the First Four Episodes and Last Week", but I thought it was too long.

You very much can not continue reading this if you have not watched this weeks 24. There is one thing that I am going to mention that if you read this would hurt you badly and could possibly set your body in motion to have a stroke. You may even possibly have a stroke when you watch the episode. After watching 5 full seasons of this show and almost half of this season, I am often impressed by the fact that the show, the writers more specifically, can still impress me with the things that they do.

There was the episode when Jack actually went through with killing his boss, Ryan Chapelle.

There was the episode when Jack found his wife dead after surviving an entire 24 hours of the worst day of his life.

There was the episode where David Palmer, one of the few characters that has survived all, at the time, 5 seasons was killed . . . and not at the end of an episode either.

There was the episode when you find out President Logan complaisant in the attacks on America, the assassination of David Palmer, and the murder of two former CTU agents.

There was even an episode with a mountain lion.

Now that I have built this up, Charles Logan appeared at the end of this episode and apparently wants to meet with Jack and could possibly have information about the whereabouts of Gredenko.

I hope this peice of information wasn't a let down after reading everything else that has happened.