I am quite looking forward to the premiere of 24 in a couple of weeks. I am working my way through season 5 right now, and am almost positive that I am going to make it through prior to the start of next season. Some notes that I think are necessary:

1. Donald Sutherland will not play Jack's dad, and I am really kind of glad that his dad will appear this season. It will finally stop the rumor mongering prior to every season that Donald Sutherland will show up to play anyone in Jack's family.

2. The 2 trailers that were released for this season were pretty good, but I will be a little disappointed if the opening scene for the season is Jack getting off the plane.

3. I sincerely doubt Jack will die. Those are pretty stupid rumors considering every season has revolved around him so far, so we can only assume that this season will too. Maybe at the end of or after the season they will do something to transfer the story line, but any rumor that he will die in the middle of the season is rediculous.