I was just confronted by a six year old about leaving my job.

To preface this I will say that in the past three years I have had conflicts with both of my employers regarding the fact that they say things to their children and around their children regarding me and regarding work. For some reason they think that their children are smarter and more mature than other children and that they won't repeat every fucking thing that is said to them. I have confronted them about this in the past, told it would no longer be an issue only to have it come up again a month or so later.

On that note, the six year old came down and started telling me about how starting a new job was not a good idea, that I knew what I was doing here and did really well in a support role. He told me that he doesn't think it makes sense to start a new job right now was not right for me and that moving to a small city in Texas near my brother was a bad idea.

I confronted one of them about this right when it happened. He laughed it off, ha ha ha. Isn't it funny that he made up all this by himself. "I want you to know that we didn't put him up to this so that you would decide to stay."

I want you to know that I didn't think that for a second, but that I think it is inappropiate to have your six year old present while talking behind the back about something he doesn't even phathom understanding yet.

Had I told you the truth about why I was leaving, you would have found a way to hurt me financially.

I have all kinds of fun stories coming up about the idiots I work for right now, but only for another 6 days. I hope that they are all entertaining.