I watched Love Monkey for the first time last night. It has been something that I have wanted to watch, but just hadn't gotten around to. I wanted to watch it because it revolves around music and makes fun music references and it has Tom Cavanaugh in it, and I thought he was pretty funny when he was on Ed.

The show was pretty good. I enjoyed it, I don't know that it will become part of regular viewing. It is the kind of show that you can come in and out of, so I will probably do that.

I find it necessary to mention also that it is a good show that carries quite an unfortunate name.

On another television viewing note, 24 is still doing really well this season. The last episode had a couple of things that I don't like to see, but inevitably happen every season. First, Monday's episode was a filler/maintenance episode which is bound to happen when your format does not allow for jumps in time, even for travel. Second, there was the start of an unnecessary subplot involving Lynn McGill. I don't really mind subplot that actually provides something to the action, for example the first lady's mental illness.