As I watched Footloose again this weekend I realized a new inaccuracy within the film. Everyone seems to know the first inaccuracy is that the kids have never been allowed to dance, but when Ren, Kevin Bacon, gets the prom together at the old mill, everyone is a professional dancer. They flawlessly do the robot and other complicated break dancing.

The new inaccuracy that I have found is really in the words and actions of the elders in the community. It seems that they have no problem banning music and dancing for the safety of their children, which was a direct result of the pastor's kid dying when he drove off a bridge. The problem I have is that while they have done this so that their children don't become deceased, they allow them to ride around on dirt bikes without helmets, wearing only t-shirts and shorts.

I would posit that one would be far more likely to die from riding a dirt bike with no helmet or without wearing proper clothing than it would be from listening to music and dancing.