This is sort of a boredom post because of a couple of things:
1. I am at work and as such, I am bored;
2. I finished everything I needed to do last Tuesday and there is nothing going on.

The second part is only half true as I have just recieved an email letting me know that one of the programs we use has been updated and I need to put that update on three computers. It should only take a few minutes though, so I will save it until I have hit the peak of my boredom.

On to the more interesting. I upgraded my ipod a couple of weeks ago and would have to say that it was worth the money. Video on the ipod may be pretty worthless, but I think there is a noticeable upgrade in sound quality. I say this not based on my listening through headphones, but based on the useage in the car. I think that the car is where I have noticed the most significant differnce.

Thankgiving was fun. I spent the day with my parents and my sister + family. We went to church and then hung around the house. It doesn't sound like that much fun, but my 7 and 2 year old neices made the experience exciting. Holidays are really a lot more fun with kids around. It was also awesome because I had a 5 day weekend and there is only a month until Christmas, which means more time off.

I watched a few movies over this time off and would have to say that I wasn't as totally impressed with them as I thought I might have been. Assisted Living was funny in places, but on the whole kind of boring. The Ballad of Jack & Rose was a good watch, but again it wasn't terribly exciting. However, I would say that it was a good movie. Just Friends was sort of funny, but probably not worth seeing if you aren't a movie obsessed nerd like me. The Ice Harvest was funny, but most of the great comedic performance came from Oliver Platt. He basically made the movie for me, which I can't say about him in other movies. There are more, but those are all the movies that were new to me.

It is a pretty boring post, but I wrote it because I was bored and it resolved that issue for atleast a couple of minutes.