DC for the Fourth...

Or, How I stopped Pooping and Enjoyed a Real Vacation.

I just like using that format to title things when I had two different experiences.

1. I didn't poop for 4 days. It was terrible and I started to fear for my life. I was relieved to begin again on my last day.

2. I got to see my brother on the way home while I was laying over in Chicago.

3. I met the coolest bartender on earth the first night I was there and we ate and drank in Georgetown.

4. I got to see Marine 1 helicopter at Quantico and some C-130 Take off and landing practice. The C-130 practice stuff was really cool. I watched them, the unflyable looking planes, take off and go as possible to straight as the can then turn two full 360s and then landing out of the second one.

5. I ran four miles and ran the O-Course for the OCS guys. It was fun.

6. We went to DC and I saw all the monuments that I have only seen on television and pictures at this point. The are so much more awesome in person than I could have believed.

7. We hung out on the steps of the Capital for about 4 or 5 hours on the fourth so that we could watch the show and the fireworks there. We made fun of a lot of people. The fireworks were pretty damn amazing and went up right behind the washington monument and exploded right around the peak of it.

8. I stayed at Andrews Air Force Base no further than 100 yards from Air Force 1. We also got lost on the base and spent an hour and a half or two hours wandering around.

9. I saw:
The Capital
The White House
Arlington Cemetery
The FBI Building
The IRS Building
The Washington Monument
The Lincoln
The Treasury Department
The Supreme Court
and a lot more that I can't remember right now.

These were things that I did while in VA, MD, and DC. They are in no particular order.