Let me be the first...

to offer my services to google in the area of mind indexing. Google has done some pretty amazing things in the past couple of years, or rather have done and bought some pretty amazing things over the past couple of years.

One of my favorite things that they did was Gmail. Incredible interface and with an amazing amount of storage. And, I can search through all those emails to find what I am looking for.

Recently they put out the personalized search page which I also like. I get my news and crap like that all on one page. With this they also did this thing where they save all the searches you do while logged into google. This means I can go back and find links that I clicked days, weeks, months, or possibly even years prior when I remember that I really liked that band that was mentioned on some show and I searched for them in the fall of 2004, but don't currently remember the name of them.

Google Earth, the latest and greatest from Google is pretty amazing. As far as I can tell it is just a mapping program, but I am sure that it does more. One of the extraordinary things about the program is that for major cities it has 3 dimensional renderings of the buildings, not 2 but 3 dimensions. I can't imagine what it will look like as they continue to update the program.

I would like to see a new program from Google though, and maybe they haven't even thought of it yet, but they need to start work on it. I want offer my services to Google in this venture as I know they will need someone to do it. I would like Google to start work on a program that would index one's mind. Think of it, you would never have to remember, you just type and find. If you type it in and nothing comes out, then it didn't happen.

Think of it, childhood memories would no longer be vague, but vivid. You may not be able to picture it, but the memory of it would be crystal clear when you read all the output from you memory about the memory.

Let's do it Google, I will be your test subject. We could call it Google Remember. or you could find someone more creative than me to name it.