Things Said, And What They Really Mean

This may be another ongoing post like sayings that I dislike. So, when new ones come up you may see this again. I will post the quote that was said, then I will post what should have been said if the sayer was being completely honest.

"I am going to take paper from behind you to put in the copier."
- I am far to lazy to open a ream of paper that is sitting right next to the copier, plus I feel like it is beneath me. So, I am going to use the paper you have set aside for your printer, so that you don't have to walk across the office to fill your printer, to fill the copier and make you fill the copier later.

"You and I talked about this when I bought it."1
- You are actually the one to blame, even though you gave me all the information that was necessary so that I wouldn't purchase this.

"Are we going to have the Mac vs. Dell debate again?"2
- I am completely ignorant and don't know the first thing about what the difference between the two are, but since I am running on decade old technology I am going to be an asshole and hope that the conversation will stop there.

1. This is regarding a sony camera that was purchased for my employers daughter over a year ago for christmas. The employer purchased this camera because it wast the cheapest thing they could find that was still a name brand. For the record I was an advocate for all cameras that were being looked at, and was highly suggestive to the cameras that used secure digital memory.

2. This followed up the sony camera conversation when I mentioned that the memory that sony uses is proprietary, which my employer took as a negative comment. For the record, it was in no way negative, I was merely stating that it was a different format memory than the camera that they use.