Sue Happy Fools

Tiger Direct is sueing Apple for refering to their 10.4 operating system as Tiger. In this article you can see the Tiger Direct is upset that they no longer come up as a top result in web searches from msn and yahoo. If you take a brief look at either of those searches you will see that Tiger Woods is also a top result. Tiger Direct will soon be focusing their efforts on the parents of Tiger Woods.

When asked for comment representatives of Tiger Direct said, "We don't expect his parents to kill him. We just would like them to stop using the name to describe him."

Tiger Direct is also siting 'brand confusion' as a reason for the lawsuit. After interviewing many people on the street, some Apple users and some P.C. users, this reporter found that most people knew that Apple was releasing an operating system refered to as Tiger, but the majority of them had never heard or a company called Tiger Direct. Those that did know of Tiger Direct were confused as to how there could be confusion between an operating system and a computer reseller. So possibly they didn't mean brand confusion, but maybe 'actual confusion'.

This reporter has serious doubts that Tiger Direct was ever a/the top result when the search term Tiger was used, and seriously doubt that there is any real brand confusion.

*I made up the quote in the second paragraph, and it is only funny if you have read the article I linked to where representatives of Tiger Direct said, "We don't expect Apple to pull the operating system off of the shelves, we just want them to stop referring to it as Tiger." Seriously, what kind of assholes think they have sole rights to the word tiger. I am going to start a company and call it "And" then every time someone uses the word "and" I will threaten a lawsuit. Subsequently the world will become reliant on commas(,) and there will never be a list ended again.