Typewriters, the way of the future

I get to hear some of the most interesting computer problems in my job. The answer to most of the questions is, "The computer is really old and really old computers tend to move slower than new ones, especially when the really old computer is using a 3 generation outdated operating system."

Just a moment ago employer #1 says to me, "Is your internet working?" I proceed to check by opening Internet Explorer. It works fine.

I respond to employer #1, "Mine seems to be working quite well. What seems to be the problem with yours?"

"It won't open." So, I do as I normally do and tell him to try another site, like www.google.com or www. yahoo.com. He says to me then, "No, the internet is all the way down. My internet explorer won't even open."

"Well, that is a computer or program issue, not an internet issue."

We continued the conversation and he asked how I knew when Comcast was down and what to look for no know that it is down on his computer. He also wants to know how Comcast being down will affect retrieving of his email...