I just went to see Sideways with a friend of mine. I feel sort of bad jumping on the band wagon this late in the game, but I have to say that I liked this movie muchly. Paul Giammati's character was so well developed for only knowing him for two hours. Thomas Hayden Church's character is comperable to any of Vince Vaughn's character in any movie that John Favreau wrote. I don't know if the script was intentionally written for some of the incredible over the top rants, but they were well done. The only thing I really didn't like, based on the rest of the movie, was the final scene. It was a bit predictable considering things that had been said.

That is what I have to say and again, I feel bad for jumping on the band wagon so late in the game. I am acutally a little surprised how few theatres are showing it considering it is nominated for Best Picture.