Iraqi Election

This story is running a little late, but I wanted to cover it anyway. Last week free elections took place in Iraq. Voter turnout was far better than was orignally expected, and would have been better if other people hadn't found out that every one who voted was having a target placed on them making it easier for the insurgents to pick out those who had voted. Some Iraqis said it was the best day in history for the country, even better than that time that they televised that Castro falling off the stage tape.

There were many political parties involved in the election, below is a sampling of names along with causes.

The People's Front of Iraq - fighting for equality between a man and a woman, and for a man's right to have children(which is physically impossible; and that is nobody's fault, not even the American's).

Iraqi People's Front - Basically a group formed for hatred of America, to get in you must hate America "A lot".

Iraqi Popular People's Front - No real cause, but the only people they hate more than Sadam are The People's Front of Iraq.

Popular Front - One man, no one really knows what his cause is, but he is a splitter.

More to come on this story when the results of the election are released.