Just a Feeling

I have this feeling that if I walked into work at 8.30, sat down, and started making personal phone calls, that I would be yelled at/looked down upon/fired.

I have this other feeling that if I walked into work at 8.35, sat down, and watched tv and ate breakfast that I would be yelled at/looked down upon/fired.

Both things my bosses did this morning.

I get up early so that I can be at work at 8 after having showered, eaten breakfast, and basically done anything else that was necessary to do prior to work. And if I am not at work at 8 or just a few minutes after, then I get a phone call asking me where I am and how long until I get there. The phone call is always made in a surly voice.

After work everyday I do things too. I do laundry sometimes, cook dinner, clean, and watch television/movies. I don't feel it is necessary for me to do this during the day while I am at work. What is necessary is to get work done.

You would think that owners of a company would know this, but they are constantly complaining that they didn't get anything done, but at this very moment they are both watching people show up to the presidents inaguration on television. It is not even the speech.

I have not been reprimanded for anything that may have been mentioned earlier in this post. And while I understand that they can do what they like because they are the "owners," I think it is wrong to demand things of people when you are unable or unwilling to comply with those demands yourself.