FW: How to find close to 1,000 idiots

I wrote in a previous post about people who send forwarded emails. My basic premise was that people have extra email addresses so that their friends who forward every email they get have a place to send the stupid email, basically so the reciever doesn't have to look at it. Before I go too far, I should let the internet know that I do this, I keep seperate addresses for people who send forwarded emails*. I just can't handle getting so many meaningless emails.

I gave my 'real' email address to a friend that I thought would send me real email, but I was wrong. The only thing this girl sends is stupid forwards. They aren't even the really funny ones. There are two possibilities for what has happened:
1) She got them and thought that others must suffer too, so she continues the chain.
or, the more likely
2) she actually thought the the email would make me laugh/change the world.

I should make it known now that I don't need to read every email that is sent to you. I don't want to put my name on a list of people that think the world should give out free bubble gum, because the world won't do it. I don't want an email telling me a joke about George Bush, John Kerry, Al Gore, Hillary Clinton, Colin Powell, or Ross Perot**.

I leave you with the email that started this whole thing. I am only leaving the sender's name and the top of the email. The rest of it was too long. If you signed this and feel offended, know that I feel offended for having gotten it with just under 1,000 names on it.

to thomas, ryan, nicki, me, megan, marisa, kim ...
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3:16pm (1 hour ago)
Note- Copy and paste this whole thing and paste it into a new email)Sign it! This means a lot....please take it seriously.

I did follow one of the directions.

If you feel like you may be one of my friends who does not have my 'real' email address, send me a note. If I don't respond within 24 hours, you have one of my excess accounts.

*there are a few exceptions to this rule.
**if you actually get a joke about ross perot, send it to me