Holiday Time Stuff

I have been out for the last three days. Parent's house, My house, Sister's house, Parent's house, Church, Parent's house, Sister's house, Home. Now that I am home, I am a little bored and decided that I would try to finish something that I started a few days ago. So, look to the right and see the photos from flickr, and know that I did it by myself formatting and all.

My God-Daughter was born on Christmas day last year and in the spirit of her actually getting a seperate birthday and Christmas, we celebrated on the 24th. She had some fun destroying a cake and playing with some presents. There are a few pictures on flickr of the parties events.

Christmas was pretty anti-climactic in my household as it was just my parents and I. We spent 15 minutes opening presents and finished by watching a little bit of television. Christmas without kids is not that exciting. The following day I spent at my sister's house with her husband and my neices. The reason kids are fun to have around during the opening of presents is that they open them and immediately go to the next one, or will play with the one they just opened. Adults open presents sit around talking about it for two or three minutes and then move on, setting the last gift to the side. Also as an adult you tend to get less, or maybe that is my family, so the experience doesn't take very long.

After opening prestents I was going to check my email. My parents have a dial up connection and you don't realize how slow it is until you try to use it. My mother has a mac and I tried on her computer, but Gmail doesn't support Safari, and I wasn't going to sit through a Firefox download on a dial up to check my email. I then moved to my dad's computer which is pretty nice, but incredibly hard to log into due to the fact that it is a work computer and there are many security features that his employer demands of them.

Thats it. Birthday on friday. Hopefully some fun pictures and interesting post before then.