These truly aren't the Glory Days

Preservation through destruction; it has recently occured to me that there are not many things in my life I would destroy so that I could remember them the way they are. The realization came after watching the movie Glory Daze, given to me by a friend.

The story really begins a couple of months ago, atleast six. After renting the movie Glory Daze and loving it, I started trying to find a place to puchase it. Finding out quickly that it could not be found for sale, I asked blockbuster what they would charge me if I were to keep the disc. The response was that they charged a lot of money to replace movies. I returned the rented disc. Months went by and I would continually think of the funny things the movie had in it: House Darts being the most memorable.

One of the themes of the movies is that you can't hold on to things forever, and if you do they can sometimes lose their meaning. Hence preservation by destruction.

Saturday night a friend came to my apartment and handed me a copy of the movie that he had found at Best Buy for $6. I had completely forgotten until I watched the movie again how kick ass the music was in it. NOFX, the Vandals and Screeching Weasel gets a mention. One of two that I can remember ever in a movie. They actually have a song on the Highway soundtrack.