There are many things in the world that I would consider smelly.

Nguyen is the lawn guy at work, he is smelly. I would never say this to his face because etiquette demands that I don't. That is why I would never say to a five year old that he was smelly, because children that age have no discretion and will normally repeat anything you say.

The alley behind my apartment. I commonly refer to this as Downtown Denvers Public Restroom. You see, in most of the downtown area one is not allowed to use the bathroom of any establishment, unless you go in and spend money. Well when 90 per cent of the homeless population lives downtown, the bathroom needs to be somewhere. For some reason, even with my window open, I can't smell it.

The outside of restaurants. Most of the time they have the grease thing, it is even worse when it is hot outside.

Some people's shoes. That is pretty self explanitory.

Dead things I am sure smell after a while.

Thats what I can think of right now. I hope that maybe as the day goes on I can think of more smelly things. Girls smell, but they smell good and I use the word smelly for things that smell bad.