Interview With someone who could be a Vampire

Yesterday I had an interview with a guy named bill from Baker/Hughes or Hughes Christensen. It was a phone interview which I think went quite well, especially considering that I was able to answer my phone because my two bosses were gone. They had walked out the door about twenty minutes prior to the call coming in. Bill asked me about a bunch of stuff, then I asked Bill a few questions, then Bill told me that I should send him an additional email letting him know why I thought I was qualified for the position. He said he wanted me to do this because I couldn't do and in person interview with him in NY.

So last night I sat down and being very collegiate, I typed a letter to Bill informing him of many of the things I have done in my life. At some point I started getting concerned with its length as it was getting quite long, or what looked to be quite long. It was about two pages long, so I edited out a few things, added a hello and goodbye and sent it.

I am now looking forward to hearing from him again. I also have a few other resumes out and hope that one of those hiring people gets back to me as well.

I am going to post a picture of my "I voted Early" sticker later tonight.