I just want to give you some of my thoughts on America based on the news that I have seen today.

I think that John Kerry and George Bush should fight to the near-death for the presidency. Why do all our communicating with talking when we could just kick the living shit out of eachother, or shoot eachother. Just to clarify, that was not a knock on either candidate. It is a knock on the rest of our society right now.

As for child rapists being let out of jail and then petitioning the state to let her go after the kid again, I don't understand what the problem is now if he wants to see her. He is 21 and therefore of legal age. Now, is she wants to go starting fucking other little kids, that is a problem. I just wonder what she was thinking when she did this. She has two kids with this ... kid, but who was going to support her and her four kids, two from a prior relationship. For christ sakes he was only 12 when they had their first kid.

Colin Powell is pretty inteligent and does not get worked up easily.

Brit Hume is quite distinguished.

Hacking is an appropriate last name for that man. It is just too bad that his wife's last name wasn't 'hacked.'

Scott Peterson loves the porn.

Kobe Bryant is a womanizer, maybe he will be our generation's Wilt Chamberline.