Bill O'Reilly's Wild Ride

The Factor is being broadcast from the DNC this week and tonight has got to be the highlight of the year on the show. Mr. Michael Moore will be on the show tonight and in typical O'Reilly form, I have seen many clips of yelling. I am going to give a few highlights of the conversation as it happens.

The beginning of the show was a little different with very few talking points and getting right to an interview/conversation with Ben Affleck. It was quite surprising that O'Reilly continually complimented Affleck and made light of some comments that were made by the actor. While the two of them might disagree fundamentally, there were no personal attacks made in either direction.

Michael Moore and Bill O'Reilly discussion, I really hope that transcripts become available from this program.

Both men were a little illogical in their questioning. However, Moore kept pursuing his question, "Would you sacrifice your child to overthrow a brutal dictator?" The problem with this question is that he really as no opinion to offer in this matter. No one is allowed to sign their child up for the military, no parent can in state the draft. O'Reilly's answer was that he would be willing to go himself, but had no intention of commiting his children to military service. This is the same thing that Moore pursued in his movie Farenheit 9/11. I made the same comment after the movie that I will make now, and that is that no one can commit another person to the military. I know that the draft is the exception, but I am seriously doubtful that a draft will happen now or ever again.

O'Reilly persisted on the point, "If you were in power, Sadam would still be in power." As in the last question I wrote about, this is basically a moot point. Moore would never have been elected, no chance. Moore wouldn't be the worst president ever. Think about how often normal presidents are critisized by the media. Now think about what would happen if a critic was in office.

So out of about 8 questions that were asked, the two I have presented are completely circumstantial. Good show, I highly recomend that you watch it tonight at 9 pm Mountain time if you have the chance.