Technology and Exercise

A couple of things that are keeping me motivated to run at the moment.

1. I have used a fitbit for about 3 years on a daily basis.  It helps to keep me aware of how much I am moving during the day.  When I am not moving much at work, I know it and can correct it (when possible).  Also, it is nice to see over time increases to activity (or decreases when I am being lazy).  The newest fitbit came out recently which I am now using.  Even though the majority of features are identical to the last device, I do like the silent alarm on it.  

2. The Nike+ GPS Watch has been doing good for me so far when running.  I looked at a few different watches for a while, ultimately settling on this watch.  At the beginning I was using this to track walks with dogs as well as my runs, but now I only use for running.  It is nice to see the progress from running only a little bit followed by a walk to running for more time straight through.  

Today we start week 6 of the Couch to 5K program.