Since I moved back to the States I have wanted to get a dog.  When I was living in an apartment, I didn't feel right about getting one and not having anywhere for the dog to be other than pooping in the common area of the complex, which I think is really not cool.  So I moved into my house and still wasn't adimately looking, but did look around a bit.  I initially wanted to get a lab, but soon decided that my yard probably wasn't big enough for a lab and during a conversation with Emily about 3 weeks ago I found a breeder near me that had just had a litter of puppies.

I did some research about Springer Spaniels and found out what I needed to about them, but only after I had called the breeder to come look at the dogs.  Turns out that you can train them very easily and that they can work well as gun dogs.  I saw the dogs the day after the superbowl and decided to go ahead and purchase one.  I get the dog on Saturday. 

I will let you know how it goes.  I am hopeful right now that I will be able to house train her pretty quickly, but we will see.