Food Preferences by Political Preference

I read this and decided that I don't buy it.

Political Views & Food Preference Survey

The premise is that people have different food preferences based on their political affiliation, or different political affiliations based on their food preference.  Like I said, I don't think it is true.  Being conservative leaning, this would suggest I am twice as likely to like fast food than a liberal leaning person, but I rarely eat fast food anymore, and when I do it is Chipotle or Whataburger, both of which would be under the liberal side of chart.

I think that the responses to this were based on a sample size that was too large for one side and not large enough for the other, but also, I think the results are skewed by people that respond the way they think they should respond rather than with the truth. 

Basically, the liberal side sounds pretentious to me and like the people that responded were trying to prove something based on their responses.

Under preferred cheeses: Velveeta & Colbie (Conservative), Brie (Liberal)
Apparently Liberals don't like nachos.

Under Cocktails: Long Island Ice Tea (Conservative), Mint Julep (Liberal)
Who the hell drinks Mint Juleps?  Is this the south in the 1930s?

My favorite part though is that conservatives were more likely to own an apple corer and use it, liberals are more likely to not know what it is; but, conservatives are less likely to eat fruit and liberals more likely.

They say that people don't "play" the system, but based on the results, I suspect they do.  That or I just don't agree with the premise of the questions/answers regarding food and political affiliation, which I don't.