I Make My Own Food

In addition to salsa, I have expanded into new areas of making my own food.

1. Bread - my sister in law gave me a bread maker. So far I have made 3 loafs of bread. The first loaf was dense and nasty, the second was big light and fluffy (good). The third loaf I made 2 nights ago and is already more than half gone. It is not as light and fluffy, it is great for sandwiches, but I have also made toast with it and oberall it is great.

2. I made my own pancake mix. This is something I saw on good eats and decided that it was worth a try. I put it together last night and this evening I made some cakes. I ate two and they were great. With the left overs, I took Alton Brown's advice and put them in a zip lock bag and put them in the freezer. I will take them out in a couple of days and try them out to see how well they keep frozen.

The salsa remains very good, I have figured it out better lately. I make it a little hotter than I used to and I have stopped caring about the red color. Now I am making sure it is a little chunky and that the flavor is good.