I have just finished putting together some numbers regarding the current US Senate and have some fun facts for you.

There are 11 Senators that have spent 40+ % of their life in the Senate, the highest percentage being Ted Kennedy who has spent 61% of his life in the Senate.

There are 34 Senators who have served 3 or more terms in the senate, the most terms being Senators from Hawaii, Massachusetts, and West Virginia.

The person youngest when he was elected to the Senate is Ted Kennedy, who was elected at the age of 30. The next being Leahy, who was elected at 35. The average age at election is 51.

There are currently 60 members over the age of 60, and 25 over the age of 70, 4 over the age of 80, and 1 over the age of 90 (Senator Byrd will be 92 on November 20th).

The average years of service for a Republican right now is 11.5 years, for a Democrat 13 years, and for an Independent 11 years.

I plan on doing the same thing for the House of Representatives sometime in the near future, but this seemed like something I could easily accomplish quickly.