GI Joe

Just a few thoughts about the movie:

1. I am pretty sure that there was no dialogue in the script and when it went to the director and he asked about it, the writers went back and wrote a two dozen or so random things for each character to say. Most of these included cheesy lines to prove that they had seen the original cartoon, or had seen the toys at some point in their life.

2. The only line of dialogue that I am sure was there start to finish was when Marlon Wayans, devoid of any evidence and with no further way to progress the story line with out his dialogue, proclaims who has stolen the warheads. Everyone subsequently agrees and that is the information they act on for the rest of the movie.

3. I am positive that while the final scene was being written, one of the writers spoke up and said, "Physics would not allow that to happen, ever!" He was then fired with the line, "Physics, Smysics, you're fired."