Airplane Post

Hours 1 - 6
So far I haven’t done a whole lot. I watched 20 minutes of the Dark Knight, but since I have already seen it 20 times, because it has been to only good movie on my flights for the last 4 months, that I couldn’t handle it. I went on to watch another movie, but apparently it was so memorable that I have already forgotten what it was. After that I turned on Numbers. It is an ok television show that typically keeps me occupied on flights, but again, I have already seen the episodes that they have. However, this turned out to be pretty good because I ended up sleeping for about an hour and a half or two hours. I woke up, watched 3 episodes of Ten Items or Less. Not a terrible show, but only once did I laugh at something that happened. I got up to get a sandwich and a soda. At this point I have started Quantum of Solace, but decided to boot up the computer, write the beginning of a post and listen to a few episodes of the Typical Mac User.

Hours 6 - 12
Not a whole lot went on. I slept for a little while, watched a few episodes of Friends, the IT Crowd, and I watched a movie called Twilight. Not such a bad movie. I knew it was in theaters a little while ago, but from the sound of it, it was really a teen movie and I wasn’t terribly interested. But, being stuck on a plane for 17 hours will make you do things that you wouldn’t normally do. But, lets be honest, I watch a lot of bad movies. The point is that even though I thought this movie would be terrible, it wasn’t. While I was sleeping and watching television in complete darkness and silence, people sitting in the window seats found it was necessary to open the windows from time to time to see what was out side the window. I felt like standing up and screaming that it is the same thing you will see everywhere while we are in the sky for this long. It was really quite annoying.

Hours 13 - 17
Did a bit of emailing with Emily which kept boredom away. as I write this there is about an hour and a half left in the flight. I am now watching Get Smart and hoping that it keeps me interested until they announce that we are on our approach to Houston. I spoke briefly to the guy in 6K, pretty interesting guy that, as it turns out, is a rancher from eastern Colorado. His son recently took a job with Emirates Airlines, so he was out to visit. Turns out that he lives in the same building or set of buildings as a buddy of mine lives in. We talked about what he thought of Dubai and what he was able to see while he was there. He got to go to the Dubai World Cup, which I watched on television.

I have added a picture of my remote control for business class. I had to because of how awesome it is. If it were easier to do, I would have gotten a picture of my tv screen and possibly the 14 seats around me. As it turns out though, people in Business class take care of the bathrooms about the same as the people that are in coach.

That all. I wrote this entire post as well as took the pictures from the plane. I hope that it was at least a bit interesting to find out what people do during a 17 hour flight.