One Full Year

One year ago today I was boarding a plane to Dubai to take a job. Ultimately this job has turned out far better than I thought it was going to and I have far more responsibility than when I first arrived.

When I first arrived, it seemed like they were already talking about moving me home. As the year went on, it seemed less and less likely that I would be home quickly. At this point, I am not sure how much longer I am going to be here, but the plan is in the works to decide when and where I will be going next.

I am excited to move home, and at the same time excited to see what happens in the following year. The market is down and times are getting tough, but in the Middle East, things seem to have a very positive outlook. At least in the short term.

In the past year I have had 3 visitors, my parents and Emily. Notice that doesn't even include my boss.

In the past year I have watched more poor quality DVDs than I care to count. I have been to more movies alone than I care to count.

I have traveled to many different countries and seen a lot of things I never had any intention of seeing. I have been stopped and questioned by immigration in 2 different countries, and once was stopped, had my passport taken away for 10 minutes, but was never questioned. I have had to add pages to my passport, which is not a whole lot of fun.

During 2008, I lived in 3 different apartments. I flew around 100,000 miles and spent months of the year living in hotels as I traveled from place to place (Its not as much fun as you think it would be).

I have been promoted once.