Moore and King

1. Larry King should not praise Michael Moore for saying the same thing over and over again. "Obama needs to make the big 3 auto manufacturers make trains, light rail, and more fuel efficient cars, that is what will save the industry"

I am not sure how that will save the industry. What they need to do is make vehicles that people want. When they do that, people buy cars. When they make ugly cars, people don't buy them.

Praising Michael Moore for saying that over and over again without explaining how this would help anyone made me angry.

2. Michael Moore cannot argue anything that he isn't prepared for. A caller asked Moore a question about how producing more fuel efficient cars, light rail, and trains would help them survive. Moore got angry and started accusing the caller of being anti-union and that he doesn't think that UAW should have to give anything back at this point.

3. Anyone that thinks we would see any of the auto manufacturers in the US go under, I think you might be a little delusional. I believe that if any of them got to that point they would be bought out by another car manufacturer. GM, Dodge and Ford are far to popular for any other company to let go under without trying to pick up that market.