The Zombie Survival Guide

I read this book in the first couple weeks after I got my Kindle and it was thoroughly entertaining. If you enjoy reading and could tolerate a couple hundred pages on a subject that really doesn't exist, then I recommend reading it. There are so many things that can be shared to those out there that are afraid of Zombies. For instance:

". . . a sever disadvantage to the undead. For example, every time we physically exert ourselves, we tear our muscles. With time, these muscles rebuild to a stronger state than before. A ghoul's muscle mass will remain damage, reducing its effectiveness every time it is used . . ."

Basically, the "Zombies" from 28 Days Later were not zombies at all. They were something else because they were able to run for extended periods of time. Zombies ultimately get slower and slower due to muscles damage from just normal exertion.

"Home-defense books are designed to counter a human adversary with human skills and human intelligence. Many of the tactics and strategies featured in these books, such as employing elaborate alarm systems, booby traps, and painful, but nonlethal devices such as mace canisters or nail heads in the carpet, would be useless against an undead intruder."

What you need to learn from this is that zombies are after what they are after and the won't be persuaded against it by injuring them.

Anyway, it was a really entertaining book. I have just finished another book, An Inconvenient Book: Real Solutions to the World's Biggest Problems, and am most of the way through Bringing Down the House. I have also been reading the Federalist Papers on and off to take a break from other reading.