A Long Break

I have taken a pretty significant break from posting lately because I am on vacation and just haven't thought about it a lot. But I do have some stuff to put up in the near future. But while I have your attention, let me tell you this short story.

While Emily and I were in San Antonio, we went to Sea World. We toured around and saw a lot of cool things there. Emily wanted to find a couple of shirts for her 8 month old niece and nephew. We walked around to a few place while we were at Sea World and never really found anything that was the right size, but there was one little shop that had smallish shirts. While in a one of the souvenir shops, Emily says to me, "Let's go back to the place by the aquarium."

Read that story again if you didn't get it the first time through, and if you still don't get it, I will update this later and explain if you leave a comment.