Emirates Airlines has a frequent flyer program. It is called Skywards. In the time since I left the US, I haven't flown anything but Emirates, with the exception of a couple of flights within the US.

About a week ago I got a nice package in the mail from Emirates that contained my new card. You see, I have flown so much since I got here that I have gotten to the second tier of membership. Some of the advantages are that I get more miles credited to my account for flying, I get to check in at the first class counter, and I can take a larger bag on the plane as well as check more baggage than is allotted. They also sent along with my new membership card two hard plastic (credit card like) baggage tags to put on my bags.

Today, I came to the office and found a second package from Emirates on my desk. I thought for sure this was a mistake, but my name was on it. Then I figured that they had inadvertently sent the card and tags a second time. I opened the package to find that they had sent me my card and baggage tags from when I first joined and I was just getting them. I am not sure what to think about that. Did Emirates forget to send them, or did the postal service not get them through for the last 5 months?