Six Months

I have hit the 6 month mark. 3 more just like it and I will be on my way home.

This month I didn't do a whole lot of anything interesting. I went back to Bahrain and to Saudi Arabia and it was a much different experience this time. On the way in I was stopped versus the first time I went where I was stopped on the way out.

I have been to India, which is something that I don't think I will ever forget. Depending on who you talk to, it is either the best time to go or the worst. The best according to the airlines who charge a ridiculous amount to fly there because this is when everyone takes their vacation to go home. The worst time because it is the rainy season there and it is a little depressing.

It did rain most of the time that I was there, but that wasn't the depressing part about it. The traffic is ridiculous and would make me go mad and just find a job next to my home. One day it took me an Hour and Half to go about 10 miles. Totally frustrating. Traffic is bumper to bumper and door to door. You can see my post on driving rules to see what the craziest parts were.

On top of that there are shanty towns built in people's front yards, in front of businesses, and in from of apartment buildings. Cows roam the streets, and there are stray dogs everywhere.

All that being said, it was a good trip and I am happy to have gone there and look forward to getting there again.