The Saga of the Mac that Wouldn't Sleep Part 4

I called last Thursday to find out the status of my computer. The status???

It will be finished by Tuesday next week. Please call us then and we will let you know for sure.

Today I called what is the status today???

The status today is that they replaced the logic board over the weekend and everything worked perfectly. Man I was glad to hear that. I was half way out the door running to get in the elevator when the guy added "but" to the end of the sentence.

The new logic board had failed too. The fan was running continuously and they need to work on both problems before it was done. This is great. I was hoping to go another 2 weeks without my laptop. Thank you Apple for providing me not one, but two, logic boards that were faulty.

They are hoping to have it done by this time next week. I am hoping there isn't a third logic board problem.