iTunes Movie Rental,

Thanks for stopping by, I wanted to send you this quick note to let you know why I like your service so much.

I have really been enjoying your service for the last couple of months. It is really nice to rent movies in my home for a couple of dollars. It is especially nice to just open iTunes and be able to browse without the hassle of going out and being in a store with tens of other people looking to rent the same movie as I am, but there is only 2 copies of the movie, so who gets them? I don't have that problem anymore, because there is a copy for me and anyone else that is interested in renting from you because it is a digital download.

You were even nice enough to give me 30 days to start watching the movie, so I could actually rent it today and not watch it for a full month. I could rent a movie tonight but get caught up in something else and still have 29 more days to watch it.

You were also nice enough to give me 24 hours to re-watch the movie, or finish watching the movie from the time that I started it. Man that is a great feature because what if something happens tonight. Maybe I fall asleep while watching it and then I . . .

Wait, no, you apparently take the movie away as soon as there is not enough time to watch the movie in that 24 hour period. That is crap, don't tell me 24 hours and then take it away at 22.5 hours. I wanted to watch the end of the movie, so why did you take it away? I don't understand your methods iTunes Movie Rental. I mean, you told me that you would be here for 24 hours, and I counted on that, so whats with leaving early? Is that something you do? Maybe you had something more important going on, but if that were the case, you could have called ahead of time and told me you were leaving, or at least emailed me to tell me that you were taking off early.

All I am asking is that you give a guy a heads up if you are going to change the policy, maybe a quick note, not hand written or anything, but at least a little something telling me that I don't have time to watch you again, then I would be a little happier with you methods.

I guess I will see you again soon,