I Am Not a Happy Apple Fanboy

I have been seriously peeved as of late with Apple. The new computer I bought has been having problems over and over again, and each time I think that I have resolved the problem it comes back a day later. Every solution I have found for the problem works over night and then it starts again. Today I tried two new solutions and one of them worked for 20 minutes, the other did something really funky though.

My battery was 91% charged and when I did this new solution, the computer was telling me that it was going to take another 2.5 hours to finish charging. That seems like a really long time for such a small amount to charge.

On top of that, I did purchase a Time Capsule to use at home as a wireless access point and back up deal for my computer. It took days to do the first backup, and when that was complete . . .

Time Machine doesn't even recognize that the machine has been backed up. Perfect, right?

I really wish I were in the States right now so that I could at least go to the store for some support.

At this point I am suspecting the memory that Apple installed when I bought the machine, so that will be the next thing that I replace. If that doesn't work, then I am going to look into backing up the machine and buying a new hard drive. Kind of a lot of money to spend on a new computer, but Apple has no presence in the UAE, and iStyle, the official reseller here is staffed with a bunch of useless idiots.