Google Reader

I have habits that I have gotten into since I got to Dubai in February with Reader.  The first is that I limit my use of feeds on the weekends.  I mainly do this because there are two days at the beginning of the week that I don't get a lot of updates on because it is a weekend in the States.  So, Basically on Sunday and Monday I am reading stuff from Thursday, Friday and Saturday from the States.  If I don't limit myself, my downtime fun is ruined.  The other thing that I do is limit how many feeds I read in the evening.  If I read in the evening it limits the amount of feeds I have during the day to look at.  

I think that I may come to Starbucks on Monday night and hang out until the Keynote is over.  How sad is it that I would lose sleep so that I could find out what is happening at WWDC?