Did You Know

Nothing interesting happened yesterday, NOTHING.

I am going through my feeds and there are about 300 unread items. So far it has taken me approximately 10 minutes to get through the first 200. There is nothing really worth while to read. Do I care that Apple is having a meeting with all retail stores to discuss the qualities of the 3G iPhone? Not really, as it won't be released in the UAE, nor do any of those things really interest me because some of the questions said to be answered are things like "What is better, the iPod Touch or the iPhone?" What a stupid question. Do you want a phone or an MP3 player? It isn't a matter of which is better, it is which better suits your needs.

I happened upon a few stories that were moderately interesting.

Denver-Based Group Wants Marijuana Permitted in Airport Lounges

What the hell is with these people? Lets take something that is illegal and make it legal in certain ways. This is like the "lets make it legal to carry, but not buy, sell, or smoke deal that was done in Denver a few years ago. And also, there is the problem that the state and federal law still makes it illegal. Stuff like this makes me a little embarrassed to be from Denver. I can't believe that people that I lived around do things like this.

The other things that have been interesting have been all the George Carlin retrospective type stories that have been pretty interesting.

On the whole, nothing terribly interesting.