When Will I Learn

As I left the office today to go to the bank and open a bank account, I stopped by a friend's office to tell him I was on my way and that I expected to be back in a few hours. He asked if I had everything I needed and with complete confidence, having checked my Red Tape book, I answered yes and left.

I got to the bank and took a number. 1109 was my number they were then serving 1102.

After 10 minutes a really nice customer service guy came over to talk to me, and I thought to myself, Caucasians are treated so well here, but I feel bad for the two Indian guys that were here before me. He asked if I had my pay certificate with me to which I responded I did, but to let the guys that were here before me go in turn. He quickly asked to see my pay certificate, I produced it, and he told me that I needed a different one.

I got back to the office about a half hour after I left and my friend asked how I got that done so quick. I told him the story and we pondered when we would learn that nothing is easy here, nothing goes as planned and they will always need the one bit of paper you don't have with you.

I found a used 2007 Toyota Land Cruiser Prado that I am going to buy, low miles and well taken care of, plus it is from a guy that is leaving the country, so it will be helpful for him as well.