Work Update

So I am down to 6 days left in the UAE before my trip home and I have yet to accomplish:

Getting a contract that verifies my employment here
Renting an apartment
Buying a car

The second two are due to the first one. I am waiting for my employer to offer me a contract that would tell me what my employment here would entail and apparently HR has forgotten what it is going to cost to rent me a car and put me up in a hotel for as long as it takes me to accomplish these things when I get back.

I am just hoping that they get this done tomorrow so I can at least get something done before I go. That would make life much easier.

UPDATE: What is with the speed at which things are done here. I think it is because no one is interested in telling you things that should be told to you. It seems like everything here takes weeks longer than it should. No one is interested in talking to you to inform you of any progression, you have to pry it out of them.

Example: We have an IT specialist here that is only responsible for making sure people have phones/blackberry-type-devices. A week ago I was told by the VP of the region to get a Blackberry because of my travel schedule. I went through the process and took it to this individual who is responsible. It required me to get approval from the VP, who told me to get it in the first place and to either order a device or go to the store and buy one.

I was told that since the paper work was in that the process would start and I would have the codes necessary to activate in a couple of days.

I checked in on it today and this person first tells me to provide her with some information from the phone, which I did, but couldn't understand why she didn't ask for it earlier. I accepted this and was told that I would have the proper information by Sunday. Good, right?

Wrong, minutes later I receive an email from this person that says we are currently out of licenses and that it could be two or three weeks prior to getting a new license. WTF? seriously, WTF? Your job is to make sure that this stuff moves smoothly and you have just made the procurement time on this, something that should have taken a day or two, into a month. Isn't it your job to make sure that we have the licenses?

I really think people here are afraid to talk to other people and that makes things difficult for everyone. The level of communication is ridiculous.